ILLUMINATI is here with a clear mission: to fill a void in CHE nightlife by throwing an authentic party for the creative types who like their nights out a little dirty. 

The crew prepared for you a great sound system, excellent vibes, and memorable acts to ensure unique nights that are gonna get you going till the next party. Our sound is constantly evolving, changing, getting you high, making you dance and move. What we are offering you is not a next door house party, it is a high class underground art.

For us, it's not about conceptual anarchy, it’s about being able to imagine something completely and execute it, it’s about the process of activating your imagination, letting out all your desires and rolling deep down into the whole new world of underground pleasure. So now it is your choice, either to stay home and fuck around, or whatever you do in your meantime, or join us and see how far in depth can the rabbit hole bring you.







FC|DC 18+ 


tickets - 40 UAH

flayer - 50 UAH